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Exclusive The Old Canal
around 3am, and by 4am the traps
were set again… Number six came at
9am in the shape of another 22lb-plus
mirror. I caught this one three feet
from the opposite bank. Six fish in
less than 24 hours – man, what a
great start to a three-night session.
At 8pm after a quiet day of rain
with no sun (the sun came out at
around 6pm), the water came back to
life (what the sun can do to the fish!).
We even saw a few roll, and at 8pm
the left hand rod burst into life and
number seven was soon in the net, a
mirror of 28lb-plus. The evening
passed and I was thinking the next
one would run off any minute… and it
did at 11:30 with a nice common of
20lb-plus – fish number eight (what a
session!). But I started thinking that
the right rod was not in the right
place, or maybe it was in a tangle.
But that was something for the
morning. The weather was crap –
overcast and rain. No sun equals no
carp over here; they need sun on their
backs at the moment to get them
going (something I had noticed in the
(Top) Flaming Red dip and Northern
Specials – a deadly combo!
(Below) 30lb 8oz.
last couple of hours), and if the forecast was right we’d get some sun in
the afternoon, from about 12 till 4, so
rain, rain and a lot more rain, but at
10am the left hand rod was away
again (and in these overcast rainy
conditions, so there goes my theory).
In the end a 33lb-plus mirror was in
the net – number nine!
My mate Jurgen decided to move
swims. He was about 200 metres to
my right, and had caught only two
small commons. His theory was that
fish came from the left, so he moved
200 metres to the left of me. Fair
enough and good angling for moving,
if not catching. In the process of moving, with me helping him, I fell and
ended up with one foot in the canal,
but that’s fishing for you. At around
5:15pm that left hand rod was off
again with a 28lb-plus mirror on the
other. After this one the traps were
being set again (nothing wrong with


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