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The Old Canal Exclusive
that left hand rod), and who knows
what the night/eve will bring or not
bring (ten fish in the bag already). At
10pm and that quiet left hand rod
burst into life once more with a mirror
of just 20lbs – no monster but welcome all the same.
A few more hours to go; it was my
last night… would I end up with 11 or
more fish… 12, 13, who knows? But it
stayed quiet, and after a good night’s
sleep I woke up to a nice sunrise and
a mate with a bent rod in his hand. He
is catching (what a nice feeling, and I
was very happy for him), and a mirror
of 30lb-plus was put back after some
nice pics I took of it. So with the end
of the session in sight there was one
more for my mate in the shape of a
36lb-plus mirror. We took more pics,
and after the fish was returned we
started packing up. At last he’d had
two more, and in the last hour of the
trip. So that made 11 for me and four
for my mate. The next time it could be
the other way around, but I don’t
mind because I love fishing this place.
It would be another stretch/section,
as we had a bit of a walk around and
saw some more carpy stuff.
Well by now the summer had been
quite hot. Who would have thought
that the winter (not really had a
spring) would turn into such bloody
hot weather in July? I was having a
break in August from a this mental
fishing I experienced (last year by the
end of July I started on my half year
blank), and by now I caught double
the fish I had last year, and the best
time was ahead – the autumn – Sept,
Oct, Nov and who knows, maybe
December as well? But I hope this
will be for a second article, as now I’ll
follow up on what I have caught on a
few other trips/sessions at the canal.
So after the 11-fish haul/session,
we (me and my mate Jurgen) had a
two-night (weekend) session on the
longest day of the year, the 21st June,
at yet another new section of the
canal we were trying for the first time.
We had a look and a walk around after
the last session, and this section took
our fancy, so here we were at the castle section. I call it the castle
section/stretch because there is one
near the banks of the canal at this
section. Why fish this section?
Because when we walked here last
time and we saw a few good fish and
what looked like a really big common,
so that’s why we had to try (and will
do in the future). On the first twonight session my mate had four carp
to mid twenty, and I had a mirror of
31lb-plus, again on that deadly
combo of baits.
I had now changed to Northern
Specials yellow pop-ups on one rod as
my pot of Essential IBs was nearly
empty and the tackle shop I went to
did not have the IB in stock. So
bought two pots of the Gaz Fareham
Northern Specials (and they are even
better than the IBs… just my personal
opinion), but the other rod was fished
with an IB and a Flaming Red bottom
bait, and a snow man as always on a
blow back rig. This rig was been
fished critically balanced with golf
ball size PVA bags full of DSK pellets
(mixed size and breakdown times…
excellent stuff I think). This blow back
rig is critically balanced with the help
of the weight of the hook and the
Taska baseline tungsten aligner (I
tweak it to my own standard, and I
don’t need the hole, so I cut it, see picture).
This tweaked aligner does the biz
for me 100% of the time, and is just
perfect when using 16mm barrel
Canal carp.


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