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Exclusive The Old Canal
shaped dumbbells and a 14mm
Northern Special. It sits just perfectly
with the length of the hair and bait
just of the deck. This rig and way of
presentation has caught me a lot of
fish, even on this canal with lots of
soft stuff/silt on the bottom. And
while I am at it I’ll talk through the
rest of the setup: the reel line is Kontour from Korda, leadcore and flying
back lead. I use the Jell-E-Wyre hook
link material, a G-Force curved hook
in size 4 or 6 and the leads are inline
square shape fished drop-off style.
This drop off system is just so I have
straight contact with the fish, and the
lead cannot snag up on anything
underwater that I don’t know of, or
the pads and obvious snags. I have
used this setup a long time and never
change a winning combo I always
s a y … a n d w h y c h a n g e ? I d o n ’t
drop/lose many fish, so it must be the
right balance in the tackle.
One thirty on this 36-hour session
so happy days, and I will be back to
this stretch again this year. As my
holiday from work was upon me in
(Top) Let them rest because they fight
like demons.
(Below) From the old canal at 42lbpus, 2012.
July and I made plans to guide (a cool
thing to do, guiding anglers on the
water I know) an English mate, Dave,
to fish the canal for an eight-night
session, I did not fish the castle
stretch again.
The 5th of July came around and
Dave Crowford was on his way in the
early hours of that Friday to be guided
by me on an eight-night session on
the canal. By noon he got to my place
and loaded the van with my gear and
o f f w e w e n t d a n g l i n g. We w e r e
buzzing as it was just right (maybe a
bit too hot), and a great session was
ahead. Just a quick detour to the
supermarket for some food and
drink/beer, and by 8pm the traps were
set at the rock section (where I had
that 11-fish haul in June). I was
buzzing and so was Dave, as we
fished in the same area as I did in
The first 24 hours were very quiet
so I wondered if this was this the
right choice, as I did not see any signs
of fish in the area. But then out of the
blue fish started to come in very close


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