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Exclusive The Old Canal
in the margin and start fizzing and
stuff, and at around 12 I had my first a
common of 20lb. At about 4:30 I had
another bite, this time a mirror of 28lb
10oz, but after the mirror it all went
quiet at my end. At around 10 Dave
was in, and I was really happy for him,
as he caught a stunning common of
28lb (a new common PB and his first
ever Belgian carp).
It was way too hot in the day now
with temperatures of 26 and more,
and after catching a really small common and two more from the rock sec-
tion, we decided to move after four
nights to a new section. We had a
quick look the evening before, and the
decision was made to move the next
day because we saw a few good fish
basking under the pads. It was a new
challenge for me as well, as I had not
fished this section before. On the
morning of the move we first did a run
to the supermarket to stock upon
some more food and beer/drink. We
had a cold beer at a terrace of a pub
and looked at some fit local wildlife…
But back to the fishing and the task at
Running around with the barrow in
this heat – my god!! At around five in
the afternoon of the 9th July 2013 we
were set up again and traps were out
to the spots. The canal is all about the
same in depth and the bottom is all
covered in silt so it’s nothing really
special. Maybe some harder spots
can be found, but carp love feeding in
the silt so no need for thrashing the
water to a foam with the marker to
find spots. I clipped up at around 30
to 35 metres and used bankside markings to aim at when casting. I fished
between 15 and 20 metres from the
bank at a range of 30 meters, and I put
around 2kg of bait out scattered
around in an area of half a tennis
court. I like to keep the fish moving
around on a large area to look for their
food. I also scattered some pellets
around, but not much. By 10pm I’d
had three bream and a tench so the
PVA bags with pellets were left aside,
and I fished and baited with just
My head hit the pillow and the next
thing I remember I was playing a carp
(Top) I love the canal.
(Below) My mate Jurgen with a canal


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