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Exclusive The Old Canal
in the middle of the night in the pitch
black. After 20 minutes I was sure the
fish that was on the other end was a
bit special… and it was special. It
was my first fish from this section,
and after a 35-minute fight I pulled
her over the net cord. It was a common, and on the scales she went 40lb
(18,2kg). Man, what a mint fish, and
my first from this stretch! I was over
the moon and was shaking like a leaf.
It was all coming together; on this
session I could do nothing wrong, and
the blanking from last year was long
forgotten. I had a few very nice fish
from this stretch – two more thirties
(commons) and a few low twenties.
On Friday afternoon Dave had his
fourth fish of the trip, a common of
25lb-plus, and I was glad he had one
(Top) Spring is in the air.
(Above) Loving the view from the
Supa Brolly.
(Right) The rock stretch.
more, but by now at 5pm on the Friday I was on my 11th fish. I’d caught
six on this stretch and was there a
12th one near the baits? We were
going to pack up in the early hours on
the Saturday, as Dave had a long trip
back to the UK, and I offered him a
shower at my home. I had that 12th
fish, a mirror of 21lb 4oz and at sevenish we packed up and drove home.
Dave had a great time/session with
four really nice fish. He said it was
what he dreamed of, so he will be
back in the autumn to fish with me
Dave had been only gone a few
hours when I was planning another
session to the canal, but first I had to
score some points with the girlfriend,
so I took her out to dinner and told her
in a gentle way I was going to do
another session soon from the 22 July
for four or five nights. This was my
last week’s holiday of my three-week
summer holiday from the school I
work at – not the best of times for
three weeks’ holiday if you are a carp
angler so I make the best of it.
So after a week of doing things with
the girlfriend, it was that time I’d
looked forward to for a whole week,
as shopping in the high street is not
my thing; I don’t like the crowds. Give
me a green tent and some rods and I’ll
keep myself happy without all the
stuff of the real world (I like to get
away from it all) and do my own thing.
Carp fishing is my thing, and man I
love it. It became a way of life; a passion and kind of a virus I can’t get rid
of. It’s like music, which is also a big
part of my life – without carp fishing
and music I would go mad.
So on the 22nd July I was off to the
canal with Vince a mate of mine who
had never fished this canal/water. We
got a lift from my good mate Jurgen
(thanks for that, mate!). It was my last
week’s holiday so I was going to


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