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The Old Canal Exclusive
make the best of it and decided to fish
the same section/stretch again. I
even took the same swim because
there is shade almost all day so the
Supa Brolly would be out of this heat,
as it was bloody hot that week (with
temperatures of 35 degrees and
more). Because of this heat it was
slow, as by 1.30 (from my diary entry)
on the 24th I had three fish: a high
double mirror and two low 20 commons.
At 6am the following morning I had
another mirror of just 20lb. It was
strange really that they were all a
smaller stamp of fish I was catching,
but I was catching carp, and that’s
why I go fishing for them. It’s not all
about size – not to me anyway. It’s
sucking in the atmosphere on the
bank, the nature and the whole picture that I enjoy, and that’s what it’s
all about, not the next monster. Carp
angling is more than just catching
monster carp; I am not in it for the
weight race, but enjoy my angling
and share catching carp with good
mates who think the same about it.
I had coffee at Vince’s in the morning and the traps were back in position. I was trying a chod rig for the
first time, and by the evening I redid
one rod, refreshed the bait, cast it
back in position and reeled in the
chod rig again, as I have no confidence in this rig. I put the blow back
on and cast to the snag tree in the
water, where one or more carp kept
crashing/head and shouldering. At
2.40am that night I had a bite and lost
it in the pads. Twenty minutes later at
3am the snag rod went off, and after a
hefty fight a 22lb 4oz common was on
the mat. At 4am the trap was set
again, but the snag rod was for later
(too risky casting in the dark).
I had nothing all day, and it was
very hot weather, so at around 8pm I
did the rods again for the night ahead.
At 11.50pm I had a bite on the right
hand rod, which turned out to be a
mirror of 24lb 6oz. I couldn’t get any
sleep because it was even hot at
night, and this weather was starting
to do my head in. We all love summer,
but this heat was too much. On the
last night I lost a fish at 2.20am, and at
4.20 I caught another mirror of 24lbplus. At 5am the rod was back out in
hope of a better fish, and at around
8am the right hand rod was off, but
this one dropped off after a few seconds.
After the lost fish I started packing
up and so did Vince, who had caught
a few fish as well that week. So again
it was a good session with a few nice
fish caught between the two of us.
For me August would be a month’s
break from angling, and I would
recharge myself for the next stage –
September, October and November,
the autumn, and who knows…
maybe a bit of winter? But then on
Monday it was back to work… n
The old canal ten years ago.


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