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Northern Exposure
Midsummer Madness by Tim Childs
efore we get started
on this month’s piece
I’ll just apologise for
there being no
Northern Exposure
in last month’s mag,
Rob was heavily inundated with
some excellent material and something had to get left out. Luckily this
time I’ve a bumper piece for you that
include news on a couple of awesome
local captures, some excellent new
products and the latest on my own
fishing over the last two months or so.
For those of you who’ve been following this series over the last few
months you’ll know that my current
articles are predominantly about the
fishing that I and various friends are
currently enjoying in the north west
of the country. The initial feedback
from anglers in the area that I’ve
spoken to regarding the series has
been excellent, and the fact that
they seem to be enjoying reading
the articles is reward enough in
itself, though some have even asked
if they could get in on the act by giving me news and pictures of their
own captures. So for all you northern
carp anglers out there, thanks for
your comments guys; I’ll strive to
keep up the good work.
There have been one or two
recent notable local captures for
friends and acquaintances, but
respect for the anglers and venues
concerned, and the fact that I have
my own beady eye on the waters in
question dictates that for now the
exact details will have to remain
under wraps. The guys involved
know who they are, so well done on
your local captures lads. I’ve mentioned in the past how fish weights
are on the increase, and that there
are now fish over 35lbs in one or two
waters within my area. This is a
large fish for the north, but one that
(Left) Floater bits from E.S.P.
(Below) Matt with his sneaked 26lb


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