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Northern Exposure Exclusive
is more than achievable if you look
for them. This is a personal target
that I’ve set for myself over the next
few months/years and even more
good news for the north is that the
once magical and unobtainable 40lb
fish that are all to common in the
south of the country are actually
swimming around in a few select
waters north of Birmingham! Of
course on a national scale this is
quite insignificant compared to the
south, but at least it means that any
northern angler can have the opportunity to fish for large carp if they try
hard enough, without having to
make the usual 150-200 mile trip.
My own fishing has continued in
much the same vein as it did over
the last couple of months by fishing
either afternoons or early mornings
and to be honest it suited me just
fine. I didn’t really miss doing the
nights and found doing short sessions both more productive and certainly less tiring. For the foreseeable
(Above) Baby Lumpy – old and crusty
but welcome
(Left) Dynamite Baits, floaters and


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