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Exclusive Northern Exposure
future it’s day fishing only for me,
and I’m extremely lucky in the fact
that my target water that I’m currently fishing seems to produce the
majority of its fish during the daylight hours.
I mentioned last time the fact that
there had been a few fish caught on
both zig rigs and surface fishing.
Now when it comes to zigs I’m more
than confident in my tactics and
methods but if there’s one area of
my fishing that I continue to struggle with then it’s standard floater
fishing tactics. Despite being geared
up with all the necessary bits and
pieces including hooks, line and
controllers from E.S.P (thanks Dave)
I seemed unable to stick a hook into
a fish off the top,. Talk about frus-
trating - my hair was turning
increasingly grey with each passing
day! The worst point came towards
the end of June when after finding a
few fish cruising near the surface I
patiently got them feeding on top,
and after setting up the controller
rod I was all ready to go. Things
(Top left) Rods on the deck waiting for
the spools to spin
(Top right) Aqua’s bait carryall – ideal
stalking kit
(Below) Long 21lb mirror on the zigs


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