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Exclusive Northern Exposure
were looking good as I continued to
trickle a few mixers in every couple
of minutes, and the fish grew
increasingly confident in their feeding. I then decided to set up the
other rod up with my usual and
favoured zig rig. With the long hooklink in my hand I could see one or
two mouths taking the baits, and
decided that as soon as I’d set up
the zig rod I’d be firing out the controller on the other one. Just then a
mate of mine, Matt, walked into my
swim, and after seeing the fish slurping down the baits commented how
I should get the controller out there
quick sharp. “I’m just tying this zig
up first mate, then I’m ready” I
Matt’s enthusiasm soon got the
better of him, and after much cajoling, and with my agreement he
picked up the floater rod and fired it
out for me. What happened next can
only be described as unbelievable,
as within a few seconds of the controller hitting the water, and just
before I took it from his grasp the
Free Spirit Surface Creeper hooped
over and he was into a fish. Despite
Matt’s best efforts to shove the rod
into my hand I insisted he carried on
with it, after all he’d cast it out and
hooked the fish so I felt it only right
he took credit for the capture. After a
good scrap that led him a merry
dance on the light setup we soon
had her in the net. To be honest the
whole thing was that unbelievable I
didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
Matt knew how much I’d struggled
and longed to get a fish off the top,
and the fact that he’d nailed one first
cast on my rod within seconds only
went to drive that final imaginary
nail further into my coffin! I took the
pictures of Matt sheepishly holding
her, and I don’t know who was more
embarrassed, me for letting someone
catch one on my rod, or Matt for
doing just that. At a little over 26lbs
she was a nice fish to catch off the
top and would have certainly put a
smile on my face.
We later laughed about the whole
situation; to be honest there was little I could do but take the friendly
mickey taking firmly on the chin.
(Top left) Mini Funnel Web – ideal for
stopping tangles
(Left) Glugging the floaters


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