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Exclusive Northern Exposure
(Above) At last the sun’s out
(Below) Lovely mid 20 again off the
version, and find them both ideal.
These tiny bags not only eliminate
tangles, but once the PVA melts you
have a few freebies right next to
your hookbait, and by having the
mixers soaked in oil you get an
immediate attraction right near your
hookbait, which can only increase
the chances of a take. Another little
tip that I learned from watching others in action (nice one, Penky) is to
use a rig bin like the ones sold by
Gardner Tackle to house pre-tied
zigs. These can be ready baited, and
again can save an awful lot of time
and messing around when the fish
are feeding heavily.
The surface action continued and
over a couple of weeks, and a lot of
fish succumbed to this tactic. A
number of anglers took advantage of
the fishes’ willingness to munch on
a floater, so it would be unfair to single out anyone for their own individual captures. This was until one of
the local anglers ‘owd Geoff’ got his
floater fishing head on and within a
few weeks showed us all how to
catch consistently with both zig rigs
and with standard floater fishing
tactics. The icing on the cake for
Geoff came at the end of June when
after a couple of days’ excellent fishing he went on to land a new lake
record, and huge for the area, 37lb
8oz mirror. Although as you can see
from the pictures this fish was obviously carrying spawn when Geoff
caught her, she weighed what she
weighed at the time of capture, and
the lake was soon buzzing with the
news of an upper-30. There were a
number of us on hand to help Geoff
out when he landed her, and the fish
was handled exceptionally well
when on the bank. We took a few
shots and soon got her back into the
water where she waddled away
strongly. Obviously from the fish’s
health point of view we all hope she
can successfully shed the rest of the
spawn she is carrying and doesn’t
turn up dead. At the time of writing
it’s a few weeks after the capture,
and there have been no signs of her,
so it’s fingers crossed that all will be
One thing worth mentioning at
this point is the fact that after their
yearly spawning ritual a number of
fish were showing signs of damage,
including one or two with scales
missing and in some cases damage
to the fins and tail. I tried to treat as
many of these areas as I could, and
obviously as much care was taken
as possible when we had them on
the bank. There are a number of
antiseptic lotions on the market, but
personally I use the carp care kit
from Thinking Anglers. I’ve been
using this item for the last 12
months and find it to be spot-on. In
the pack you get both mouth and
body ointment as well as a pack of
cotton buds to apply the lotion with.
Now to make this excellent product
more readily available it is now
being distributed by Korda, and
should be available in all of their
retail outlets by the time you read
this. All in all an excellent piece of
kit that more and more anglers
should carry.
July was soon with us and the fish
kept coming out. If you remember


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