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Northern Exposure Exclusive
the whole country was suffering
from torrential rain with heavy flooding in places. Despite the heavy
influx of water the fish continued to
succumb to surface fished baits at
regular intervals, and it was rare for
a day or two to pass without something getting caught. My next couple of fish succumbed to trimmed
down pop-ups fished over-depth,
and despite not getting amongst any
of the bigger fish it was good to get
the rods bending once again.
Despite the regularity of the captures the angling pressure had eased
off since the early start leaving
around ten or so regular anglers to
battle it out, and with 20 acres of
water and well over 100 fish to go at
it was hardly mobbed out. Geoff’s
run of fish continued; he seemed
able to get amongst them on virtually every trip, and despite their
weights being low he managed to
bank a number of 20’s during this
period. The relentless rain continued
and really tested both my willpower
and my gear. Continuously getting
everything soaked and having to dry
things off every time I arrived home
was starting to become a chore to
say the least.
The next significant piece of
action came my way in mid-July,
and after the recent surface fest I
was itching to get some proper bottom bait fishing done once again,
the first opportunity came quicker
than expected, as over a couple of
days the water started to take on
colour as an algae bloom started to
take hold. Past experience had
taught me that when conditions are
like this the fish can be quite easy to
catch, as the added colour in the
usually gin clear water gives them a
false sense of security which can
lead to confident feeding. I planned
to take advantage of this as the fish
had received little or no pressure on
the bottom for some time. My first
day session failed to produce a bite
despite having fish show all over me
as they continued to roll and display
on the surface. Strange, I thought,
but decided that a couple of kilos of
boilies should get them in the mood
for a munch. This proved correct, as
(Top left) Q rings and Superskin from
Gardner tackle
(Left) New marker floats from Korda
and Gardner


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