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Exclusive Northern Exposure
This lovely looking common took a
liking to the spicy prawn
I returned the next evening and
managed to nail a cracking 23lb
common after only a couple of
hours’ fishing. I left just before dark
having first deposited another couple of kilos of bait in the general area
just to keep them going. I checked
the weather later that night and
things where looking good for
another bite or two, so with this
news fresh in my mind I planned to
return after work the very next day.
Unfortunately I didn’t arrive home
until late so I couldn’t really get out,
but made good use of the time by
spending a couple of hours walking
the bank and checking out one or
two areas ready for the weekend.
The weather once again took a
bad turn, and relentless heavy rain
on the Friday again put play on hold.
I was itching to get out, and having
finished work early spent the rest of
the afternoon stuck looking out of
the window and praying for a break
Luckily for me I
had a cunning
plan that I was
about to put into
in the clouds, but as expected the
rain never stopped, and I reluctantly
faced the fact that there would be no
fishing today. The weekend proved a
bit of an anti-climax with no action
for anyone; it became obvious that
the hectic action that we had been
experiencing over the last few
weeks was finally slowing down,
and I would have to pull one or two
tricks from up my sleeve to fool a
few more fish. Luckily for me I had a
cunning plan that I was about to put
into practice. August was almost
with us and there is one area of the
lake that I knew the fish liked to visit
regularly during this period. All I
needed now was a bit of time and a
little cooperation from the fish, and it
would all be plain sailing… or would
August has always traditionally
been known as a poor month for
carp fishing. With spawning well out
of the way by this time, and the summer days both long and hot, fishing
can be slow at the best of times.
Hold on a minute did I say long hot
days of summer sun? Well this year
the weather that we had in July and
the run up to August was more consistent with that of a mild autumn,
and the rain, well; I don’t even want
get started on that one. With the
weather being all over the place over
the last few years and the fish’s
movements and feeding habits dictated by the elements i.e. wind, temperature, the sun and rain, no wonder they’re a little confused these
days. Personally I now pay little
attention to supposed traditionally
good times of the year, and just get
out there as much as possible letting
the fish tell me where and what to
do as opposed to going by the
The first week of August was pencilled in for the Tony Parson’s event
down at Linear Fisheries. I’ve been
invited to fish this wonderful event
right from the off some five or six
years ago, and was looking forward
to participating in it once again.
Then when the floods were at their
worst I had the news that the event
was cancelled, and the complex shut
for a couple of weeks. Word on the
grapevine was that Roy and Chris
where having severe problems with
flooding, and that at one point they
had to evacuate the complex! Having known Roy for a number of years
I know he would have been working
flat out to ensure all that could be
done was done to try and return Linear to some sort of normality, so
good luck mate with the clear up. By
the time you get to read this article
things should have settled down and
the floods subsided.
Disappointed as some of the
youngsters and adults must have
been about the cancellation of the
event, please let’s not forget the
hundreds of people who lost not only
all of their belongings and household
goods, but also in some cases their
lives in the last couple of months, it
will take millions of pounds to repair
the damage the floods that hit
Gloucestershire and Oxford caused,
so in the greater scheme of things a
few cancelled fishing events and the
loss of a few carp to other lakes or
rivers, as difficult as it is for us as
anglers to deal with, is not really the
end of the world.
Anyway let’s brighten the mood a
little and let’s get back to the fishing.
Just when you thought the rain was
never going to stop the first few
days of August brought the welcome
return of the sun and for a few days
the country basked in glorious sunshine. Things were slowing down on


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