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Off The Beaten Track No Names, No Numbers
area to spread three rods, with one in
the near margin, one in the centre and
one on the far margin.
To cut a long story short, a couple
of overnighters with nothing to show
for my efforts was taking its toll on
me, and I decided to a drop back onto
the big pit. At least I knew they would
be in front of me somewhere but not
miles and miles away like they can be
on the drains. This also coincided
with an email from Steve at CC Moore
offering me the chance to use and
test their new yet to be released
Pacific Tuna bait. So I thought it
would be quite apt to use it somewhere with a decent number of fish.
Work commitments also picked up,
which meant even less time behind
the rods, but I still managed to catch
the odd one from the pit but none of it
special gems. I had a Monday booked
off work at the beginning of September and decided I would have a day
with the rods somewhere. A phone
call from a good friend, Liam, saying
he had caught one from the Middle
Level drain soon had my mind made
up where to go. I knew the area it had
been caught from and thought where
there is one there may well be more.
The gear was loaded in the van at first
light on the Monday morning along
with my Labrador pup, Barney. I know
labs make great shooting dogs, but
this one makes an especially good
carp dog; he absolutely loves going. I
pulled up to the area where my mate
had caught from but didn’t fancy it
there and instantly remembered a
spot a little further downstream. The
barrow was loaded, and I made my
way to the spot. It was clear it had
been fished recently, but this didn’t
deter me. I soon had two hinge stiff
rigs, with Pacific Tuna cork ball popups that were meshed in tights and
glugged in the awesome Tuna Lo30,
cast to the far bank with probably
around 100 15mm Pacific Tuna baits
scattered over the top. I soon sat back
and relaxed. The morning passed
pretty uneventfully, but a little past
lunchtime I heard a bosh that was a
bit too heavy to be a bream down to
my left. Around 3pm a single bleep
from my Nev had my eyes fixed on
the rod, only to see the Terry Hearn
blank hoop over and nearly go skiing.
I was on it in a flash and soon playing
This one loved CC Moore’s Pacific Tuna. What an achievement – buzzing!
an animal that was towing me all over
the place, eventually locking up in the
lilies in front of me. With a bit of constant pressure I soon drew a lovely
looking common over the net. I was
buzzing with my first river carp of the
As I lifted it onto the mat I could
see just how immaculate it was, with
a very large, cavernous mouth with
not a mark in there, nor along its flank.
It had probably never been caught
before at all. I was in awe of it and so
made up to have caught it. For the
record it weighed 23lb, but I wouldn’t
have cared if it weighed 3lb – the
weight was totally irrelevant. I knew
it was an achievement to have caught
one from such an expanse of water,
which is over 20 miles in length, and
also being as it was one of the
‘unknowns’ – no names, no numbers.
Since catching this common I’ve
acquired access to a Cambridgeshire
pit that not many know of, with some
of the most truly stunning carp you
will ever see, and some quite large to
40-plus. So I will being spending what
time I have through the autumn chasing these. More of that to come… n


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