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Alternative Baits Exclusive
(Opposite) A selection of alternative
(Right) Fake flake? It’s fooled you;
now go fool those carp!
(Middle) Plastic pellets used like this
are another weapon in the armoury.
(Bottom) A classic combination of
KG-1 bottom bait and tipped with
Enterprise pop-up corn
tice can then lead us into the repetitive scenario of turning up, putting
some bait out, and waiting for the
carp to come along and hopefully
choose our bait offering over the
angler’s in the next swim, or indeed
all the other anglers around the
lake. What I hope to do here is to
influence your thought process a
little, adapt the way you think about
your bait choice, and hopefully shed
some light about the multitude of
alternatives out there and how to
use them effectively.
Floater Fishing.
With the warmer weather now
upon us, we can start to utilise
some rather interesting baits to
tempt these midwater and surface
feeding cyprinids. A favoured
method of catching carp on the surface in the spring and summer is to
use one of the many floating dog
a n d c a t b i s c u i t s a v a i l a b l e, a n d
whilst these have plenty of oils in
their makeup, because of the porosity of their nature, they will start to
soften immediately and take on
water. Depending on the type of
biscuit used some will stay on the
surface longer than others, but one
thing is for sure, and that is that
they will all saturate and sink eventually.
To overcome this irksome element in floater fishing, there are
some clever alternatives to use that
have the same effect, but have the
added advantage of never getting
saturated, and stay on the hook on a
long cast. Enterprise Tackle have
come up with the ultimate solution
for the chum mixer user in the form
of two sizes of counterweighted,
artificial dog biscuits. There are five
in a pack, so more than enough for
a few sessions, as long as you avoid
casting up trees! These really are a
godsend because they can be
fished on a hair by removing the
shot from mixer and replacing it
with the plug supplied, or alternatively they are fished with the shot


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