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Exclusive Alternative Baits
(Above) Plastic corn soaked in a
classic flavour – simply awesome!
(Right) Nature gave us the great tiger
nut, and the imitations look good
enough to eat.
(Below) The awesome mag-aligner,
courtesy of the legendary Rob Maylin
Bread is also a fantastic floater
fishing bait, but by its nature it is
very unstable and prone to leaving
the hook at the most inappropriate
m o m e n t s . Wi t h t h i s t h o u g h t i n
mind, there is even an artificial
bread product available to hair rig
or hook directly, and this can be
constantly cast without fear of losing it. There are also no worries
about a carp swallowing it because
it remains tethered to the hook or
hair very effectively, and the only
thing you might need to keep monitoring is the unwanted attention
from the venue waterfowl, as I’m
sure we all know how much they
love a bit of bread!
The final item I like to utilise for
some floater fishing or zig rigging is
high density foam, which is available in small strip blocks or squares
from Solar, Nash Tackle or Fox. For
floater fishing I like to use the sandy
coloured version trimmed into a
mixer-like shape, and again this can
be punctured to soak in your chosen liquid attractor. The foam also
comes in black, red, yellow and
orange, and for zig rigging a small
piece of this can really prove to be
deadly if fished at the right depth. It
is a strange feeling to cast out a bit


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