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Alternative Baits Exclusive
of black foam in 10ft of water, but
the countless carp that get caught
like this bear testimony to the effectiveness of such a method. Many
theories surround why this works,
but I truly believe that just as a
great white shark tests its potential
food for palatability by a ‘gentle’
bite (many surfers would disagree
about the ‘gentle’ aspect though!),
a carp goes through the same ritual
of overcoming its curiosity by sucking it in for a test, by which time it’s
too late and they’re hooked!
Pickin’ them up on Pellets
Pellets are used extensively in
our pursuit of specimen fish
whether it’s carp, barbel, bream or
tench, and there probably aren’t too
many anglers out there that haven’t
used these great baits in their fishing at some point. There are a few
drawbacks with pellets, and the
major one is the fact that from the
moment they hit the water, they are
in “dissolve immediately” mode, so
straight away you are battling for a
take before they turn to their powdered form and leave you with a
bare hair or hook. What doesn’t help
is the fact that you have to drill
(Left) Forgotten old school baits for a
breed of new school carp.
(Below) A stunning mid-20 mirror
caught on the mag-aligner.


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