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Exclusive Alternative Baits
(Left) CC Moore supply an excellent
range of pellets and particles.
(Below) The Linch fish used to love
particles and pellets.
them to get the larger ones on a
hair, so even though you can get
really large versions, the moment
they are drilled the water is penetrating from outside and in, and the
clock is ticking! Fear not though
because Enterprise Tackle have
come to the rescue by making some
artificial pellets in floating and slow
sinking form, and in useful sizes of 6
or 10mm. These are just the thing if
you are looking for a subtle presentation in the form of a miniscule
bag, or when you are chucking out a
pellet loaded method ball or indeed
fishing over a pellet loaded spod
mix. The same principle for flavouring can be applied by long term
soaking in your favoured attractor,
and they can also be bought with a
seafood flavour, or another version
is a bloodworm and shrimp pellet
with belachan - simply brilliant.
Mixing it up in a spod fest
Small baits are something that all
carp will readily accept, but there
are some limitations on how certain
small baits can be applied or used
in certain angling situations. For
e x a m p l e, i f y o u ’r e s p o d d i n g a t
100yds and your mixture contains
sweetcorn, it is a bit of a risk to
think that a couple of grains of corn
will still be on the hair after the
velocity of the lead and hooklink
hitting the water at that range. So a
viable alternative needs to be
sought, and this comes in the form
of artificial particles such as different plastic corns, which float or sink
and even glow in the dark! I like to
use the mini corn stops on the hair
in conjunction with my old
favourite Tuttis, and I pre-soak the
stops in the tutti flavour to give that
added boost to the rig.
Then you have floating, sinking or
flaked maize, maggots, casters,
hemp, tiger nuts, peanuts, and even
a camo corn with its very own silkweed disguise! So you can see that
the whole spod mix is well catered
for, and you can now fish any of the
mix with a real and artificial version
to make a critically balanced rig. As
you know, when fishing particles,


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