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Exclusive Alternative Baits
(Left) Pepparami – an excellent all
year round bait.
(Below) Tiny pieces of cork catch
hundreds of carp each year, either
fished on the top or as a zig rig.
can be. Now there are methods of
bait protection to try to deter these
crays, but even with the shrink tube
they are so dogged that they will
keep on tearing at it until they can
tease it open enough to get at the
boilie “meat”. Baiting up with
boilies is totally unviable when the
water is infested with them
because having watched their
antics in the margins with boilies,
you can see that very few will be
left for the carp! You will need an
alternative to the problem, and that
comes in the form of all of these
plastic particles, nuts and seeds,
but the boilie diehards out there are
catered for by a few companies who
are now producing a selection of
plastic boilies that can be bought
pre-flavoured or neutral, and even
refillable with your own liquid
attractor. These really are the only
way to tackle these crayfish troubled venues, but the carp will readily accept them. You only have to
look at such waters as Fryerning
Fisheries, Boyer Leisure’s Harefield
Lake and the BCSG jewel in the
crown, Korda Lake, to see the massive carp that can be caught where
the crayfish reside.
fish tend to move around less, so
even using artificial hemp on the
hook and on the hair will be a great
method to employ as they become
preoccupied on the small particle
Plastic Fantastic!
These plastics really are a viable
alternative to boilies, and they are
also a great partner to them with
useful products like corn hair stops
that are great for adding a little bit
of colour to your boilie hookbait,
and the permutations for the different rigs and bait combos are really
only limited by your imagination.
As an unfortunate consequence of
their introduction into this country,
and their rapid spread throughout
many river systems and lakes,
American signal crayfish have also
become a real problem to a lot of
fishery owners and anglers alike.
Anyone who has ever fished a
venue with voracious critters in will
be only too aware how destructive
to your baits these little monsters
Old skool baits
To a mo de rn ge ne ra ti o n o f
anglers it might seem strange to
think that carp were actually
caught on baits before the invention of the boilie all those decades
ago. Now I am not going to going
into when the boiled cheese pastes
and new potatoes ceased to be
popular and boilies began to take
the lion’s share, but there are alternative hookbaits from yesteryear
that still have a useful place in
modern carp fishing.
Many lakes in this green and
pleasant land in which we angle are
home to one of the most attractive
carp baits of all time, and indeed
such is the popularity of this member of the mollusc family, many
boilies contain a good percentage
of it in their base mix. Of course I
am referring to the humble mussel,
and whether it’s the freshwater


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