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Canal Technical Canal Carping
Cameron was there on the bank carrying a camera with a set of spare
scales and willing to strip down to his
boxers to take water shots for me.
That’s sportsmanship at its finest, my
friends. He was rewarded with this
fine specimen called Cracker weighing in at 38lb – another example of
angling at its finest.
Now the other chap, Will Crowdy, is
a pure carp catching machine. He
was a carp in his previous life! He’s
the only angler I know who would
rather eat boilies than a Pot Noodle –
a pure book of knowledge. This young
chap kept me up to date with the
canal whilst I was out of the country,
and when I returned the three of us
worked together for weeks, keeping
each other updated on the swims and
fish activity. Canals are all about
working as a team; even if you have
your own separate spots it’s always
handy to have a mate pop down to
see what’s happening in your swim.
Here he is with Arthur at 31lb 2oz,
another old fish.
I hope you have enjoyed reading
this as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Hopefully the future of our
canals in Britain will be full of great
angling events such as the ones I
have written about. It would mean a
lot to me to see more anglers fishing
the canals protecting the fish from
being either removed or eaten. I’ll
leave you with this thought: if I canal
carp can grow to over 40lbs who’s to
say there’s not a fifty in your local? I
know there’s bigger carp in mine. n
DRESS PARTY For Two People…
…at Anglers Paradise in Devon in ‘Fisherman’s Panorama’, one of their luxury villas!
Our great friends Zyg and Zenia have kindly put up a fantastic competition prize in Big Carp to celebrate our
250-plus issues. And it could not be simpler to enter. All you have to do is go to the Anglers Paradise
Facebook page where, pinned to the top, you will see the competition.
1) You must LIKE the Anglers Paradise page.
Good Luck from Zyg,
2) You must LIKE and SHARE the competition.
Zenia and Rob
3) Finally write ‘Done’ in the comments.
One lucky winner will be drawn at random. Closing date: November 1st.
Circumstances permitting, I'll try and make it myself - Rob


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