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The Art of Deception
with the aid of one of the wife’s manicure files. I watched him do this with
a degree of skepticism, but when he
was finished and I was invited to
examine the point, I have to concede
the fact that it was indeed improved,
and you can clearly see from the pictures just where the hook has been
dressed. For the hooklink material, he
likes to use either Armaled’s Kickbak
or ESP’s Strip-Teaze, as these are
probably two of the most consistent
colours for use over a wide variety of
margins, and you will probably have
your own favourites where this is
concerned. For tying the rig, it is a
(Top left) Cut a 10mm length of the
shrink tube.
(Above left) Mount it on the hook as
(Top right) Then tie a figure-of-eight
loop in the other end, and make the rig
approx 6ins long.
(Above right) Lubricate the knot well
before pulling up tight, and then
steam the knot and the shrink tube
over a kettle.
(Below left) 36lb 12oz. common from
close in.
fairly straightforward affair, with sliding a piece of silicone onto the shank
being the first task. A small leadcore
splicing needle then draws the hooklink through the silicone, and the baits
are mounted so Simon can accurately
set the length of the hair to suit. In
this case he is using a combination of
real maize and imitation sweetcorn
(notice that the imitation sweetcorn is
on the hook side of the hair). Once the
hair length is ok, he then ties a standard knotless knot to secure the
whole setup and a 10mm length of
shrink tube is added to the eye to aid
turning the rig. The length of the rig is
set for around 5ins, and the other end
is finished with a simple figure-ofeight loop, which needs to be well


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