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The Art of Deception
(Top left) Place a small amount of lead
wire on the hooklink to ensure it is
pinned to the bottom.
(Top right) The finished rig, complete
with lead arrangement, armed and
ready to go!
(Right) For the lead setup, take a
standard tail rubber and cut it approx
5mm from the wide end.
(Bottom right) Assemble the lead
onto the leadcore as shown, and then
add the rubber and swivel so it looks
like this.
lubricated whilst pulling it up. He
d o e s n ’t t i g h t e n i t f u l l y t h o u g h
because he likes to steam the shrink
tube and loop at the same time, and
this also removes any kinks or curves
in the material.
To ensure it sits flush on the bottom, Simon adds a small length of
lead wire to the rig, and as can be
seen, it is a very simple but effective
rig indeed. The rig then gets attached
to a quick-change swivel, which has
been threaded through the leadcore
leader, and a small silicone sleeve is
placed over that to secure things.
When using the ever popular baiting
pole and spoon arrangement, he adds
a piece of PVA foam and sticks this to
the spoon so it keeps the hooklink
straight when it is about to be tipped.
He then adds his favourite particle
mixture with molasses, and makes
the deposit over the spot where the
foam has risen – beautifully simple


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