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The Art of Deception
(Top left) The rig is kept taught in the
baiting spoon, and the foam nugget is
moistened to lock it in place. It is then
tipped on a tight line, and the foam
ensures the rig is kept straight.
(Top right) Simon prefers to drop his
bait and free offerings separately, and
his particle mix with added molasses
is very appealing to big carp.
(Right) Here is Simon utilizing his
baiting pole for an early spring
marginal trap set close to some
(Below) 41lb 14oz. margin monster.
tactics indeed. I think you will agree,
it is a very effective rig, which is just
long enough to hang them when they
engulf it, and I would like to thank
Simon for taking the time to show us
all one of his little edges that have
made his so consistent when targeting margin-hugging whackers.
I hope you have taken something
away from this piece, and that you
will be able to utilize the information
for your own venues and nick a big’un
from under your nose. Next month I
will be tackling the problems encountered when fishing small hyper-pressured waters with cunning big fish,
and the successful tactics used to put
a few on the bank. For that article I
am going to be joined by an angler
who has been on the circuit for many
moons, and has caught well from
some of the most difficult waters in
the southeast. He will be giving us an
insight into how he approaches such
waters, and shares with us some of
the baiting and rig techniques that
have seen him pictured with some
real stunners. So don’t forget to look
out for next month’s article when
Mark Dean aka “Kodak” reveals all! I
hope your spring campaign is off to a
good start, and until next time, be
lucky. n


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