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Louise Bowes was over the moon with this one, and who wouldn’t
Whilst I was fishing on Lake Pepper at Cottington, I had a phone call
at 4.30 in the morning from Michael, a friend of ours, who was also
fishing on Pepper. He said that he thought he’d caught the big girl. I
told him to put it in a retainer and we’d be round to weigh and
photograph it at first light, which was about an hour or so away. At
first light Ben and I were on our way. When we got there, as you
would expect, Michael was excited. Sure enough it was the big girl –
the tramlines on her side identify her. We weighed her, and the
scales recorded 47lb 12oz. She was down in weight since I last
weighed her in May of this year. The captor, Michael Ashenden
from Bromley in Kent, told us that he had a screaming run in the
early hours. The carp tried to get behind an island, but Michael
managed to turn it and gradually bring it to the bank. He continued
that, and after what seemed ages he managed to get it into his
landing net. In the torchlight he could see it was a lump. It was
pouring with rain so he didn’t want to weigh it until the rain
stopped. That was when he rang me. Several photos were taken
and the big girl was returned safely to her home.
Barry Oconnor.
Tom Denton with 30lbs of absolute perfection.
Simon Webb with a cracking 29lb’er.
Finally… the long session of blanking has ended, and what a way to
end it with this beauty of a mirror carp. After being plagued with
bream, I finally hooked into a real fish. This mirror carp only weighs
20lbs, but my god, look at it. It was caught using a size 6 blowback
rig with the long shank hooks from Rig-It Tackle with an 18mm
Bloodworm X bottom bait as the hookbait and spodding out a
mixture of three different types of boilies as freebies. These were
the Alpha boilies in 18mm and 14mm, the Bloodworm X boilies in
18mm and the Scud range boilies in 18mm, all soaked in the
Bloodworm X Haze liquid, all from Nature’s Baits. Some people
worry about night shots of fish, but I never have that problem
because I always have my Rhino Beam on me at all times while
fishing, an amazing bit of kit and a must-have in my eyes.
Lewis Danes
Joseph Montalbano with a 29lb 10oz mirror.


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