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A Tale of Two Records Canal Carping
stormy feeling night and very dark.
The rods were baited with double
18mm plus a 15mm pop-up to try and
deter the bream. It was not until the
morning that a run occurred, a short
uneventful fight and there she was,
that magnificent fully scaled mirror
yet again. A quick phone call and my
dear wife Angie came down and did
the honours with the camera.
Although it was a bit bigger, this capture did not give anything like the
level of satisfaction that I felt the previous year. I almost felt sorry for her,
and maybe I have caught her too
many times and should call it a day on
the K and A. However, I have since
caught a new canal PB common of
30lb 4oz, a fish I have not seen before,
which just goes to show, you never
know for sure what’s in there when it
comes to canals.
I have to say that I do worry a bit
about the security of canal carp.
There has been a lot of poaching
going on lately, particularly around
the marina basin by bounty hunters
sneaking in under the cover of darkness, but worst of all by eastern Euro-
peans, laying there multi-hook lines
at night. I have seen them several
times, and when approached they
pull in the lines and run off, most likely
to somewhere else. However, since a
few problems with boats getting
messed with, the marina management has reported it to the police, and
they do seem to be patrolling it fairly
often. Of course, another danger is
otters; it would be impossible to stop
them if they discover the easy pickings in the canal.
There you have it: my life fishing
canals. If you fancy something different to your local lakes, then check out
the canals. Britain’s canals are home
to some very big fish, which are
largely ignored by the majority of carp
anglers, but, for those that are willing
to put in effort to find the fish, then
the rewards are there. Canal carp can
be fairly easy to catch once you have
found them, as they usually won’t
have seen much pressure. Keep a bit
of bait going into an area where you
have found fish and you will catch.
They can be very nomadic and often
only feed for short periods in any one
spot. Find these hotspots and times,
and then you can hone it down to
short sessions. Canal carp can be
spooked easily so stealth and back
leads can help prevent them swimming off out of reach. Mobile floater
fishing in the warmer months is very
effective, but waterfowl can make it
The K and A canal contains a wide
range of carp, big and small, from
tatty propeller-damaged warriors
through many varied and stunningly
scaled mirrors, long, lean commons,
classic commons and of course some
magnificent full scaled gems. I have
actually caught the magnificent K
and A big fully scaled eight times in
just over twelve years, and its incredible growth over that time can be
seen in the following list of captures:
19/3/02 at 20lb.
3/5/03 at 19½lb.
23/10/04 at 25lb.
25/3/06 at 31¼lb.
21/5/10 at 38¼lb.
29/2/12 at 41lb.
16/8/13 at 46¼lb.
20/6/14 at 47lb 2oz. n
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