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Martin and Rob would like to welcome you to Villereal Carp Fishery which gets its
name from its location just outside the picturesque bastide town of Villereal, in the
heart of sunny south-western France. The 7-acre lake is a true hidden treasure
with a beautiful stock of carp into the mid-sixties. Up to six anglers can be
accommodated on a choice of nine swims, of which four are doubles and one
being suitable for differently-abled anglers.
The lake is fully private and secure, with a driveable path allowing you to
load/unload your tackle on each swim.
The average depth of the lake is 5-7ft
• Carp to over 60lb
and whilst most of the bottom is quite
• Food packages delivered to
uniform, you can find a variety of drop offs,
your swim
plateaus and soft mud/clay areas which are
• On-site bait
hot spots for the carp. There are features in
• Optional accommodation
every swim including three small lily beds
(two cabins sleeping up to
and a fallen tree trunk.
four people in each)
There is one area of bankside which is

fly & pick-up option with
out of bounds to fish from but can be fished
tackle hire
up to. A couple of ‘poaching spots’ are also
• Full use of the adjacent
being created for those who may want to
use their stalking skills. Villereal carp lake
campsite’s facilities which
had been a private fishing lake up until
include a swimming pool,
recently with an already healthy stock of
tennis courts, bar and
very decent carp.
In 2014 another several 20-30lb carp
were introduced and also two carp at over
50lb. One of these carp is now over 60lb and there are several 50lb fish.
On an average week you can expect to see plenty of mid-high twenties, a
good selection of 30lb and 40lb carp fish and perhaps even a 50 or 60lb’er.
In May 2017 this year 6 anglers caught over 50 carp including the 60lber
(twice), 2 x 50’s and numerous others between 20lb and 49lb.
Thanks to the lake’s position, none of these facilities impact on the privacy and
tranquility of the water or interfere with the angling.
If you don’t fancy the drive from the ports, the lake is located just half an hour
from Bergerac airport and the venue offers a FREE transfer service. With flights to
and from the UK, return flights can be purchased from as little
as £50.
Please book VILLEREAL CARP FISHERY through
See us on Facebook search Villereal Carp Fishery


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