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Urban Carping Off The Beaten Track
was just trying to take in
everything that had just happened. I was then trying to
work out what the hell was
going on, as the police were
emptying all the contents of
my heavily loaded car on to the roadside. After not finding what they were
hoping or thinking they was going to
find, and a discussion along the lines
of, “I didn’t know it was private property, officer,” we were quickly on our
way. Moments before I had just
hooked and landed something, which
to most would just be a 23lb common,
but it was just the location and the
fact that I was feeding the fish, along
with mullet, before dropping a chod
on the spot that made it a bit special.
The next day I caught up with one
of the locals, Gio, who had fished the
area since he was a boy and now only
occasionally fished it for an hour here
or there between his other fishing. He
insisted that I fish a spot behind his
parents’ house. He had been trying to
get his dad into fishing and said he
had been baiting it every day for the
last month and never fished it. I
wasn’t too keen on the idea at first,
but as you can imagine Simon and I
did not take too much persuading and
arranged to meet him there later that
As planned we met behind his parents house and had a good chat with


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