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Off The Beaten Track Urban Carping
had ever been caught before or even
since? I was desperate to get back so
arranged another trip.
A few months later another friend,
Harvey, and I had a try. We discussed
an action plan for when we arrived.
As we had four days, and we would
pick four spots, bait them twice a day
and fish a different one each night.
The first night we arrived late and
decided on an area that had a motorway passing over the top. We were
fishing either side of the bridge, now
nicknamed Suicide Bridge due to Harvey being cut off on the take a few
times in those four days. I had a
phone call a few hours later from Harv
saying he had one, only a small common, but dark and covered it a
twisted scale pattern. The wind was
mega and the rain was lashing down,
so he retained it for a few hours and
waited for first light. I drifted off and
woke up to Harvey pacing towards
me. “Have you got one?” He replied
with a small headshake and said,
“Police.” I was wide awake instantly
due to the million candle powered
torch I had in my face. Yet again they
were looking over my rods. We both
had licenses. They took our addresses
and told us to reel in and be gone by
first light. We decided we would keep
a low profile and fish nowhere near
any main roads and so on.
Apart from that the trip was hard
going with big winds and heavy rain
nonstop. I had to park the car on the
back of the brolly to stop it taking off,
but I was rewarded on the last day
with a clean mid-double common.
The pleasures of urban carping, but
it’s worth all the aggro for some stunning uncaught carp. n


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