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My Winter Success Off The Beaten Track
irst things first: a big
thanks to Rob for
allowing me to tell my
story, and a big thanks
t o M a r c Tw a i t e
@pukkasquirrelbaits.c I was lucky enough to get a
ticket for a very special low stocked
private syndicate. My first season didn’t go as well as I had planned but
was a big learning curve for my next
season. The lake has a long close season so making the best of it while it
was open was very important to me.
Due to having a family, my time on
the bank is only ever short
overnighters, which made it even
My first season I did around 25
nights for one lost fish. That day will
never leave my memory. I was fishing
the far end of the lake, as I knew it
was an area where the carp like to sit
bathing in the sun close to the snags
on the island. Without seeing any
signs of fish I thought I would take a
look around the lake, and found them
straight away at the other end. I sat
there for an hour just watching their
activities, and I could see a few fish
sitting under the tree on the corner of
island, one being the Long Common.
As soon as the fish moved I managed
to get a rig in place. It didn’t take to
long for them to return, and I could
see the Long Common disappear
down, then suddenly my line pulled
tight, so I was quick in grabbing the
rod to start the battle. I thought I was
in control, but how wrong was I? It
decided to take a long run along side
the island and snag me up, and I had
no choice but to go out in the boat to
free it. Once I was out in the boat and
near the snag I realised the fish had
done me. I was gutted, but pleased
that it was safe, and it will be caught
another day.
Once I had got my rig back, I sat in
Sweet Candy SCS4 Pukka Squirrel Baits.
King of the pond at 36lb 1oz.


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