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Off The Beaten Track My Winter Success
the boat thinking that was my last
chance, as it was coming to the end of
season. I knew then that next season
I had to do something different. I
started to think what had I done
wrong that season, and the one thing
that kept popping up in my head was
bait. I had never really been a one certain bait person, as I had always liked
to keep trying something different. I
decided to do some research on bait
and came across Pukka Squirrel Baits.
I was impressed with what I read and
could see by the photos that the bait
has caught some impressive fish, so
my mind was made up. I gave Marc a
quick call and soon had some bait on
order. I wasn’t disappointed either
once I received it! I went for the
Sweet Candy, as its record for winter
captures was certainly a winner, but
then again the SS4 is still a good winter bait, but I fancied the sweet bird
The new season started, and I really
wanted to give it my all. Unfortunately I missed the first two weeks,
but I kept my ears open to any activ(Top) Water shot.
(Below) Half Lin at 30lb 6oz.
i t y, a n d o n l y o n e f i s h h a d b e e n
caught. It was now late in the year, as
the season on the lake runs from September to April. I found out from other
members that no one was really going
to be fishing it through the winter,
which meant that I was more than
likely to have the lake to myself. From
that moment I really knew I had to
start putting in a lot of effort in so I
could gain as much
knowledge as possible. It was now
late November, and I’d been walking
it as much as possible, which meant I
was well in touch with the place, and
I soon learned where the fish were


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