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Off The Beaten Track My Winter Success
32lb uncaught for nearly four years.
likely to be. I decided to start baiting
two areas where I could see fish. I
was baiting small amounts but as
often as I could. With it being low
stocked, I didn’t want, or couldn’t
afford, to hammer kilos in at time and
having it sit there uneaten.
Time was passing quickly and still
no fish were caught. The days and
nights were getting cold, and having
a family, I was only able to fish Sunday afternoon through to Monday
morning at 7am then straight off to
work. It was hard work, but I knew I
couldn’t give up. The nights were
very cold. I knew it wouldn’t be long
till the lake would freeze, but I knew I
had to change something to catch
these fish, as the Sunday nights
weren’t working. My next trip down
was going to be a Saturday night,
which meant that I could fish Sunday
morning as well. This is where it
started to all come together.
I was up at first light on a January
Sunday morning looking to see if I
Sweet candy and stick mix which I used to feed them.
could see any signs of fish. It was a
freezing morning; the lake had been
frozen all week before, but luckily it
had thawed for a few days. The sun
was shining, and it was one of those
perfect winter days, then out of the
blue one of my rods let out a bleep,
and before I knew it, it was screaming
at me. I ran to the rod, and after a slow
and calm battle I had a very special
carp in the bottom of my net. It was
the fish that held the lake record “The
King Of The Pond”. I couldn’t believe


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