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My Winter Success Off The Beaten Track
my luck – the first catch and biggest
fish. Once a phone call was made we
soon had it weighed at 36lb 1oz, a
new PB and my first British 30. I was
buzzing for this to be happening,
especially in winter and one of the
hardest times on this lake to catch
these special fish.
We had another cold spell, and the
lake was frozen for nearly two weeks
Sweet Candy SCS4 Pukka Squirrel Baits.
into February. I was gagging to get
back on there. I kept my eye on the
weather, and I could see there was a
spell of perfect weather arriving.
Luckily enough we were quiet at
work, so I managed to knock off early.
I thought I would go and spend a few
hours fishing. As I was walking to the
area I had been fishing, I saw a fish
top. I soon got the rods sorted and
cast on the spots with a SCS4 pop-up
soaked in the Secret Squirrel juice. I
sat there watching for more signs,
then bang, another one showed itself.
I then knew they were feeding on the
baited spot. It wasn’t long before I
was attached to an angry carp. This
time the carp gave me a good run
about, but I soon got it in the net.
While the fish was resting in the
net, I got a fresh rig sorted and back
on the spot with a good scattering of
the Sweet Candy. I was hoping if any
other carp were in the area they
would soon find it. I was very surprised when I looked into the net and
could see a lovely scaly mirror. This
one weighed in at 30lb 6oz and was
known as Half Lin. I was over the
moon with another winter 30. Once I
had calmed down I got the kettle on
and made a brew but didn’t get time
to finish it, as the same rod was away
again. This time the fish didn’t really
give much of a fight, and I half wondered what I was attached to, but I
could soon see it was another lump in
the bottom of my net. I didn’t know
which fish this was at first, but I was
very happy with another mirror
weighing in at 32lb. Once the self-
The long common at 29lb.


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