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Off The Beaten Track My Winter Success
Wilby’s Fish at 33lb 4oz.
takes were taken and the rain had
started, I sat under my brolly thinking
of what had just happened. I really
couldn’t believe it – three 30s on the
bounce! I had set myself a target of
catching a winter 30, but now I had
three! It was then time to pack up and
head home with a big smile on my
face. My next two visits were quiet
but they were the cursed Sunday
We were now in March, and the
temperature was still cold. I knew I
had to keep the bait going in little and
often, and they would still be up for a
feed. I had no choice but to fish a Sunday night, but something felt different
this time. I knew I had to break the
curse. I just about got the rods out
before it got to dark, and I soon had
my home set up for the night and
cooked my tea. The temperature
really dropped, and I could see the
grass turning white, so I thought I had
better get my head down and keep
I was awoken by my receiver
screaming in my ear, and once I had
got the rod in my hand I then realised
how cold it really was, as my hand
26lb mirror.
was stuck to the rod! This carp really
wasn’t happy and took a nice long
run. I didn’t have much choice but to
let it have some line, but then alarm
bells rang in my head. I had felt this
before, and then suddenly it went
solid. My heart stopped, but thoughts
were running through my mind. I kept
the pressure on, but it wouldn’t
budge. I decided to give it some more
line, and within a few seconds it was
clicking line off the spool, so I lifted


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