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My Winter Success Off The Beaten Track
the rod but could feel that horrible
grating feeling. The next thing I could
hear was splashing against the island,
and then I realised it had taken me
under the bushes that hang off the
island. I tried everything to free it, but
it wouldn’t move. There was only one
thing – the boat. I then thought what
happened last time! This time would
different, and after a lot of spinning
around in circles in the dark I could
see the fish. Straight away I knew it
was the Long Common. I thought –
you are not getting away this time! I
managed to get the net under it, so I
bit my line and the fish was safely in
the net. Oh, and how pleased was I?
Once back on dry land the weighing
and self-takes were done, and I was
then happy to see it swim freely away.
That was the only fish of that night. I
was gutted to pack up so early but
pleased I had broken the Sunday
night curse.
I was more than happy to be
returning the next Sunday full of confidence. This time I managed to get
up just after dinner and knew where
to go. The rods were all set up ready.
Just as I was thinking about sorting
some tea out, I got a bleep. I looked at
the rod and could see the line pulling
tight. I soon had the rod in my hand,
pulling it away from any snags on the
island. Within a few minutes it was
rolling over the net – what a feeling! I
let it rest in the net while I got things
sorted and it was another mirror, this
time 26lb dead on. How happy was I?
I really knew all the hard work I had
put in over the last few months was
really starting to pay off. I’d had to
miss the next week again, but I had
planned to do my first 48-hour session
the following weekend. Things didn’t
go to plan, as I decided it would be a
good idea to put a kitchen knife
through my finger. This meant a trip
to A&E, and then next day on the
operating table having my tendons
and nerves stitched back together. I
really cannot explain how sick I felt –
something I had worked so hard for
just gone. Being stuck in a splint for
eight weeks meant that for my safety,
and the fish’s safety, I was unable to
fish. I just had to sit at home thinking
what if, but hey, that’s life. Just
remember, leave the kitchen stuff to
women! I hope you have enjoyed my
winter success story as much as I did
writing it. Tight lines, and don’t forget can change
your fishing. Ssssshhhhh
Thanks for reading my story, Earl
Knights. n
Sweet Candy SCS4 Pukka Squirrel Baits.
Gowi Bait Boats have put up a fantastic boat as
a prize this month for one of our readers!!
Worth £700 the GOWI
BOATMAN CL1 is a state of
the art remote control boat!
Answer the simple question:
What species of fish is
featured on the
GOWI T shirt?
a) Minnow
b) Marlin
c) Mirror Carp
Closing date 1st November 2017
This fantastic prize boasts:
1. ABS Injection Tough Molded Shell
2. Optional Colors
3. Stylish Shape
4. One-hand Handling Remote Controller
5. Patented Protected Hopper
6. External Charging Battery
7. Hard Sided Carrying Case
8. 12 Months UK Based Parts and Labour Warranty
9. Prize Includes Delivery
10. Carry case supplied as standard.
Here’s the spec:
Pearl Black, Sky Blue
688mm X 477mm X 293mm
Net Weight
Hopper Capacity
2x6.4V/10AH or 2*20AH (Removable Lithium Batteries)
Run Time
1.5hrs-2.5hrs (10AH) 2.5hr-5hrs (20AH)
Pre-set Speed Options 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 100%
Max Speed
80 metres/minute
Circa 400 metres
Working Frequency
Charging Time
5hrs (10AH Battery) 10hrs (20AH Battery)
Tailored Hard Padded
Send your answer on a postcard or the back of a sealed envelope, making sure that you include a contact
telephone number for the courier company (important) and post to:
Gowi Bait Boat Competition, Bountyhunter Publications, 44 Herbs End, Cove, Hants GU14 9YD
or email or text to 07768731425


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