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Mark Tag Taggart is at Olivemead Lake for a four-day session and has already
smashed his PB with this 34lb 2oz carp. He has had three catches up to now
and still has plenty of time to try to get them at 40lb-plus. All fish caught on the
multi rig using Size 6 Curve hook and Milky Amino from Northern Baits. The first
carp was 20lb 6oz, the second 21lb 4oz and the final one up to now is the new
David Hurman went to Cobble Acre Lakes for a 60-hour session. He was fishing
a lake called Mario’s, and he fished tight to a set of lily pads next to the island.
He approached the water by baiting little and often with some Mainline Cell
15mm bottom baits. The rig was blowback style using our Wide Gape SPT
hooks with a white pop-up corn topper. He caught five carp and one catfish.
The biggest was a 26lb 13oz carp known as No Anal.
Jon Mills had a recent session on Merrington Fishery in Shropshire where he
spent 48 hours trying to catch one of the big girls. Jon fished towards the island
putting out a light scattering of boilies and fished with a small PVA bag of
crushed boilie and pellet. This resulted in a lovely looking 21lb 4oz carp using
Size 6 Curve Shank hook and Incredible Baits ID3.
Aaron Cameron went to Wyreside Lakes for 72 hours on Sunny 2, peg 18. It was
his first time fishing this lake, and it was a wet and windy few days. He was fishing a gravel bottom 11 wraps out over a bed of Hybrid boilies mixed with chili
hemp/maize/and boilie crumb. He had four takes, landing all four fish, the first
being a mirror at 17lb, second being another mirror at 12lb, third fish was by far
the best fish, a long dark gold common at 25lb 1oz and a new PB. He was using
a Size 6 Crank T Offset Hook inside PVA solid bag.
Richard Bullen went back to Brooms Cross Fishery a few weeks after landing
Sue at 28lb. He has now bettered that yet again three sessions in a row with
this beauty, Jimmy, a new PB of 28lb 7oz, caught on a D-Rig with Size 6 Wide
Gape and CC Moore Wafter. Richard is going back again to try to get his first
Billy Egginton says: “I went down to a local club water on the 06/09/17 for a 44hour session. After spending the first 24 hours fishless, I decided a rethink was
needed. The right hand rod was moved to an area in between two weed beds
on a patch of silt. I had seen fish amongst the weed the previous day so figured
there was a chance they were using the gap between. After an hour or so, I
received a slow take on that rod, which resulted in a bream. I flicked the rod
back out the 30 yards and topped up the spot with about four handfuls of
boilies. Less than an hour later the rod was away again, this time with a scaly
mirror at 22lb 4oz using a Ronnie rig and Nature’s Baits Scud.


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