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Technical Rig Design Exclusive
(Top left) There is plenty of good
leadcore on the market that is ideal
for the job.
(Middle left) The top 10 snag hook hall
of fame.
(Bottom left) Here is how some of the
sharp end look unleashed.
(Top right) One of the best snag
leaders you can use – simply
(Middle right) Kryston Snakebite
Gold, as good as it gets when the
going gets tough.
(Bottom right) Gamakatsu G Point
Super Strong Hooks, the ultimate
snag hook?
choice of line, which must withstand
the punishing extremes of pressure
and have excellent abrasion resistance if you want to stand any chance
of landing your prize. It is a personal
thing but I have found GR60 and
Krystonite to have been very reliable,
as has Sufix Synergy, even if it has got
the feel of towrope. Another tool in
the arsenal for tackling snags is the
use of a braided snag leader. These
are the cause of some controversy in
certain circles, but like leadcore, as
long as you are proficient in its use,
there really isn't any cause for concern, and in my humble opinion, you
are minimizing the chances of failure
by their use, and your chances of a
successful extraction are greatly
increased. Products such as Kryston
Quicksilver and Fox Armadillo were
invented for this purpose, and they
are both superb at their job, but I have
a slight preference for the Quicksilver
as its coating further enhances its
anti-abrasion properties.
As we head up to the business end,
your next consideration should be


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