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Exclusive Technical Rig Design
(Top left) Tie a reef knot round the
boilie stop to hold it in place.
(Middle left) Trim the tag ends and
blob the knot with a lighter to close
the knot.
(Bottom left) Finish the other end of
the hooklink using the improved loop
knot and add some rig putty to keep it
on the deck.
(Top right) Hardened hook baits with
a superb liquid attractant – just the
perfect match for the rig.
(Lower right) Bait chopper to crush
some Meteor boilies for the perfect
stick reading for glugging.
mercially available versions, or
indeed, make your own as I have prior
to helping with the development of a
new carbon version soon to be
launched by Century. The final cardinal rule for snag fishing is NEVER
leave your rods unattended, and I personally will not snag fish at night
because as quick as you may think
you are getting on your rods, believe
me, you are a damn sight slower than
if you are awake and sitting beside
So on to the business end of the
setup, and now it is time to decide
what type of rig you are going to use.
I shall endeavor to explain my
thought process regarding my choice
of terminal gear and some of the
excellent alternatives. Ultimately
though, I am not trying to tell you
what gear to use but merely offering
up some suggestions from the
plethora of goodies that are in abundance within the confines of every
tackle shop in the land. Indeed, I have
spent many hours trawling the displays in my local shop, Harefield
Tackle (,
as there is always some new terminal


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