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Exclusive Technical Rig Design
gear arriving from some company or
other, and it is a good opportunity to
blag a tea or coffee. Hopefully, you will
be able to glean some valid info and
put it to good use culminating in
either your first snag caught carp, or
to merely add another leviathan to the
album. Because of the extreme pressures exerted on the end game, I will
always opt for a 25lb hooklink, as the
increased breaking strain will be
needed to deal with the harsh environs in which it is placed. Hooklinks
will always be a coated braid rather
than fluorocarbon or mono because of
their tendency to cut a lot easier than
a braid, and also the fact that braid
offers a superlative knotting medium
because of its tight Dyneema structure causing it to grip itself in a similar manner to leadcore when it is
spliced. Mono and fluorocarbon are
inherently smooth, and if a slippage
does occur under extreme pressure, it
will be more likely to occur with
these, so that’s the reason behind my
With regards to the sharp end, my
hook choice would be for shorter
shank variety, as I believe that these
cope with extreme pressure in a far
m o r e f o r g i v i n g m a n n e r, a s t h e
strength of the hook is concentrated
in a smaller area making the hook flex
less. Couple this with a heavier gauge
wire and my basis for a suitable snag
hook is born. I have previously
expressed a preference for using a
beaked point due to the superlative
hook holds I believe they offer, and I
am still very happy to use them in
snag situation, especially the
Gamakatsu Super Strong pattern, but
I am also equally happy to utilize a
straight point as long as the pattern
has proven track record such as the
ESP Big T's. Some of my beak-pointed
bad boys for the job include the awesome Fox Teflon SSBP Arma Points,
Fox Series 2XS, ESP D-7’s and the
Owner C3, C4 or C5X, all of which are
wickedly sharp to the max and above
all, very strong.
I have also been fortunate to try
out some new contenders in the hook
market with the latest offerings from
Solar and Atomic Tackle in the form of
(Top left) The final glugged rig –
perfection, just add carp!
(Left) The finish rig on the bottom, just
enough for a mouthful then they’re


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