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Exclusive Technical Rig Design
(Above) Snag bars, the old and brand
(Left) The waiting game.
have illustrated similar hook patterns
that are my top ten snag hooks, and
any of these will work well with this
given rig configuration. With regards
to the lead arrangement, check out
how simple yet effective the drop off
inline setup is and give it a go. These
components were successful in capturing the stunning upper-20 linear
from some fairly severe snags so the
proof of the pudding is there to
During the course of this rig series I
will be bringing you some guest
appearances from some prolific big
fish anglers, both known and
unknown, like last month’s excellent
insight in to the rig mind of PAA
coach and big fish man, Matt Eaton.
This month I want to bring my good
mate Mick 'The Greek' Krassos into
the spotlight (not that he needed
much encouragement!) so he can
reveal some of top tips and show you
why his rigs have accounted for so
many big carp, making him one of the
most successful up-and-coming carp
anglers on today's scene. Mick has an
uncanny knack of getting amongst


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