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Technical Rig Design Exclusive
(Above) The essential components for
the rig.
the big’uns wherever he goes, and he
is a very worthy addition to my humble ramblings. Many of Mick's tricks
stem from his use of his favoured end
tackle, primarily from the ESP camp,
but with a few other manufacturers’
products thrown into the mix, as
there isn't any one manufacturer that
does everything you need.
The Greek will now take us through
his favoured snag rig and the reasons
behind its construction along with
the choice of the essential components he favors when making it. First
off, his primary concern when snag
fishing is the fish’s welfare, and to
ensure that if things do go the way of
the pear, at the very least the fish is
not going to be trailing a lead. To
ensure that this happens all the time,
ESP size 11 Bolt Clips are used and
even the bream and tench are able to
'knock' the lead off. Mick's rig has
been 'borrowed' from some of his
angling pals that fish some notoriously difficult southern pits where it
has accounted for a multitude of very
big carp. Like all rigs, this one has
gone through various phases of
development, and in its present guise,
it is deemed to be the most effective.
Mick hastily informs me that the rig
has been dubbed 'The Caveman' due
to its brutally unfair assault on the
carp’s senses because they just don't
know what’s hit ‘em! How's that for
confidence? Naturally due to the
increased pressures exerted on the
end game, Mick’s hooklink choice
gets beefed up to 25lb breaking
strain, and he likes to use the Sufix
Sheath Skin for this particular rig
because of the excellent camo properties of the outer skin in both green
and brown, coupled with the fact that
the inner braid is both strong and
For the sharp end, a Teflon hook is
chosen, as Mick feels this gives him a
more stealthy presentation due to the
lack of glare. He also feels that Teflon
coated hooks are infinitely sharper
than their non-coated counterparts,
and ultimately, if it gives you confi-


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