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Technical Rig Design Exclusive
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1. The Greek’s favoured Teflon coated
hook – sticky sharp!
2. There is no way they are getting off
this bad boy.
3. 25lb Stealth Skin is the preferred
hooklink for the Caveman rig.
4. Start off by stripping back 5in of the
outer skin and form the hair loop.
5. Position the baits on the hair
leaving approx 6mm from the apex of
the bend to the top of the bait then
introduce the silicone sleeve at the
pivot point.
6. Tie a simple knotless knot going
round the shank 7-8 times then
lubricate the knot before pulling
7. Take some good quality shrink
tube, cut off approximately 1in and
position it on the hook like this.
8. Either steam or immerse your hook
to shrink the tubing and form a curve
like this.
(Top right) Aim to make your hooklink
between 6-8ins long and form a figure
of eight loop at the opposite end ready
for joining by your preferred method
to the lead arrangement.
(Middle right) Lubricate the loop well
and pull steadily and slowly to
tighten down using a Fox tension bar
or similar.
(Bottom right) Trim off the tag end of
the loop once the knot has been
bedded down and fully tightened.
dence, then who am I to argue? The
pattern of hook for Mick's rig is critical to its functionality, and for this
reason he likes to use a size 5
Kamasan CarpMaxx, as the curved
shank is of paramount importance in
the dynamics of the rig. The CarpMaxx has a straight point and the eye
is slightly in-turned giving a reliable
and solid angle of pull. This also
means that the shank of the hook
would have to be opened up to the
extreme to render the hook hold compromised, so all in all it is perfect for
the task in hand. To further accentuate the curvature of the shank, he
then adds a 1in length of shrink tube
and forms quite an aggressive curve
after steaming, which enhances the
bent hook effect without the barbarity
associated with the famous bent hook
rigs of yesteryear.
Something else that is crucial to the
rig is the strategic placement of a
small piece of silicone on the shank to
determine the pivotal point of the
hair, and according to the crafty
Greek, it also serves as visual indication of an aborted take if the silicone
has moved (not that this rig suffers
those!). He prefers the hooklink to be


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