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Exclusive Technical Rig Design
(Top left) To ensure the rig lies flat,
add a cople of blobs of rig putty to the
hooklink and your final Caveman Rig
should look like this.
(Top right) A tank view of the rig in
water next to some baits – awesome
and ready for some big fish action.
between 6-8ins long, and the rig functions best when a double bottom bait
configuration is utilized. When using
a size 5 hook he likes to use double
14mm baits if possible, or failing that
a single 18-20mm bottom bait. The
large bait offering and the awkward
hooking arrangement make it
extremely difficult for the carp to
eject, which is the perfect hooking
scenario. I can certainly attest to the
rig’s effectiveness as I have tied one
up and it resulted in a mid-20 mirror
on the first outing. Have a look at the
pictures and give it a go; you will see
it is not hard to construct, and it may
just get your first snag caught carp on
the mat for a photo shoot.
I would like to thank big fish man,
Mick Krassos for sharing this little
gem with us, as I know how secretive
some of these hardcore hauling
machines can be about their little
edges. Hopefully both of these rigs
will find their way into your rig wallet,
and perhaps you can take their development to a new height. Next month
I am going to be looking at fishing in
weed, and I will have another big fish
angler who has a certain affinity for
fishing in the green stuff. This angler
has caught big carp from waters such
as Withy Pool, Monks Pit, Stanwick
and Tolpits to name but a few, and he
has tended to be content in quietly
catching big carp wherever he goes.
Also, being a genuine weekend or
overnight angler, his results are very
impressive indeed with a string of
40’s to his credit, so we will be privileged to have a good friend of mine,
Simon Atkinson, opening up his rig
wallet and tackle box and giving us
an insight to his successful rig and its
components, and I’m sure we can all
learn something from his approach to
fishing in weed.
Until next time, be lucky. n


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