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In Search of Monster Carp
30lb-plus, Lower Maynard.
features, and has all the bugs and
everything falling off the island, the
geese and the birds are playing out
there, and there must be so much natural food around that island that people aren’t aware of.
So anyway, it’s three rods on there,
which I whacked out around the
island, and I had a little common that
morning, of about 8lb. I was happy as
Larry; a take is a take, and a fish is a
fish. I’m after carp and I’d caught a
carp; you can’t ask for much more
than that. The afternoon went by and
then I had another take. This is in 20ft
of water, but I’m using 10lb line, and
because of the shock leader, there’s a
knot out there that I am not used to.
There was a fish pulling in the opposite direction, and I was wondering
how much welly I could give this
thing. At the end of the day, I just let it
go, as there was plenty of water left
and right. Luckily, it had come up
fairly high in the water, so it hadn’t
bothered my other lines. I played this
fish for some time. When you’re fishing that sort of distance, they come in
quicker than you think, and before
you know it, they are under your rod
tips, just going left and right. But all I
could see was this knot going in and
out of the tip ring, and I thought
Christ, this is not doing me any
favours; I need to get this on the
s p o o l . E v e n t u a l l y I d i d, a n d w e
slipped the net under this fish, which
was 31lb. It’s a known mirror from the
Higher Maynard called Split Tail,
again a fantastic fish, with plenty of
little scales, and plenty of character.
It’s probably been in there for years
and years and years, and doesn’t get
caught that often. It’s my biggest fish
from the Higher Maynard to date; I’ve
caught quite a few 20’s up there, but
the Higher Maynard is a water that
has got a lot of secrets, so I shall keep
going up there now and again for the
odd Saturday or Sunday when I am in
between lakes and just enjoy myself.
The Lower Maynard is probably the
nearest a reservoir can be to looking
like a lake. It’s totally different to the
others; you’ve got one bank of high
grass, and very few features apart
from one end, and then the other end
you’ve got a big weir in the middle
and loads of trees. If you were standing on the grass bank looking across,
you would think you were on a lake
somewhere in the middle of nowhere,
because whenever I have been there,
there’s been no real pressure. It’s the
same for both lakes; I don’t know, for
some reason more people seem to go
the other side of the road rather than
this side. As I say, the Lower and the
Higher and the Lockwood are on one
side, and the road splits them off from
the One, Two, Three and the West
Warwick. I decided to do a couple of
trips on the Lower Maynard, where
again I have been fairly successful
since the early days. I don’t know
why; I just sort of clicked with it. I’ve
probably done more time on the
Lower than I have on any of the other
reservoirs, catching many 20’s –
lovely fish. Up to this day, there is a
big fully scaled in there that has gone
44lb, and hasn’t been out for a year or
so, but I think she’s still in there, and
there’s a good chance one day I might
even put my hook in her mouth. That
keeps me going back; the thought of
being able to catch her, but until then,
as long as I am still catching, I must
be doing something right.
I went down there one Saturday,
and decided to fish on the Tree Bank,
looking across. Loads of fish were
showing, and it was a wet and windy


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