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Now onto the lake; as we said before it
is eight acres in size and runs from 2/3ft
down at the shallow end (furthest away
from the house) to 8/9ft at its deepest,
found at the opposite and dam end of the
lake. It houses ten swims, ideally for 6-8
anglers at a time, however if you were a
group of eight-plus, the lake could
accommodate you if only two rods were
used each, so it’s not impeding your
angling. The lake houses around 120
known fish, which includes one hundred
new carp Richard has stocked since the
New Year, with fish added from low double
figured carp up to a few 40lb’ers, with
these being of a French royal strain. There
were around 20 original fish known to be
stocked in the lake before its restocking,
with known grass carp, tench, pike and
some silver fish, plus one potential
sturgeon, although there could be more
fish still yet to be caught. The lake record
stood at 33lb when we arrived, but was
quickly bettered by Kevin, after banking a
cracking 42lb 4oz original common and a
fish that was previously unknown to the
new owners. However there is a story from
the old owner that a 25kg carp is still in
there somewhere, so who knows what’s
beneath the surface of Dream Catchers?
You are only able to fish one side of the
lake but able to easily walk round to the
far bank to bait up if you were to fish the
far margin. All forms of bait, i.e. pellet,
particle and boilie work well on this water
along with wafters and pop-ups. The lake
is stunning and is surrounded by mature
trees and patches of black bamboo, ideal
for those trophy shots if you don’t fancy
getting in the water. Boots or even waders
are an advantage and suggested, making it
easier to release the bigger fish and less
chance of damage being caused.
We were joined
on the visit by
owner Richard, his
son Ricky and close
friend Steve Ross
who were there on
a week’s work
party, sprucing up
the lake and house
ready for the start
of their season. The
season begins in April and runs through to
October, with a possibility of a Christmas
booking should the situation arise, so
please just ask. We saw the guys putting in
some great effort preparing swims,
working on the grounds and fixing up the
house, making sure that everything is
perfect for your stay. The bank and swims
have been totally upgraded having been
newly dug and swims all boarded, lined
with gravel and wood chip added. There is
also low-level lighting from solar lamps,
adding ambience as well as safety when
walking around the lake at night. Dream
Catchers lake also has a high standard of
fishing equipment on offer, which can be
hired, ranging from quality rods, reels,
alarms, bait boat and more – everything
you would need to fish a successful session
is there. They also supply bait in the form
of boilie, pellet or particle, so again, please
ask for details.
Our visit was spent over five days,


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