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Fortune Favours The Brave
(ABOVE) This lake really has the big
uncaught common – hopefully not for
(Below) More Toll success for Warren.
fish in the lake however, up to about
mid-double in size, I couldn’t find the
motivation to fish it, knowing full well
they will get caught, all in good time.
Struggling on the river seemed a more
sensible option and way to spend my
limited time on the bank. About ten
days ago however my brother did a
spot of baiting with the intention of
doing a quick overnighter – nothing
spectacular, just a handful of bait here
and there. A short time later, a protruding snag grabbed his attention,
and he crept back round to the area in
question. He was delighted to see a
group of about six fish all feeding
hard, tails up, searching out the bait.
He watched for a few minutes before,
from the left, a dark thickset bruiser of
a common cruised in. “How big?”
was the obvious first question. Well,
we don’t know, but the others were
guessed at about 12-15lbs, and the
common was much, much bigger. It
was seen in 3ft of water, 6ft from the
bank, and our best guess is somewhere around the 30 mark. Quite outstanding for a small, untouched
water, and it just goes to show how
many surprises could be on our
doorstep, so all we have to do is go
and look for them. I have to say until
we started to clear the banks we had
spent hours staring into the lake, and
only very occasionally would we see
anything that suggested the lake was
anything but empty. Needless to say
the river can wait, and I have done the
odd overnighter on the venue, wanting to be the first to catch the
uncaught common before the venue
opens. The fish remains elusive thus
far, with as we speak 15lb 1oz being
the best landed. Watch this space
though, as the fish we have caught
are dark as, and any lump we catch
out of there will be stunning!
I guess the one thing that has got
the grey matter working overtime in
the last month or so relates to rigs. I
am not normally rig orientated, but I
know what I like and like what I
know. I have however been witness
to a couple of things that have really
got the grey matter working. I am one
of those people who has an array of
magazines sat there in the bathroom,
and I paw over the same old features,
time and time again, never really
reading anything, having to get out
the bath before I sweat to death in the
heat. One particular article written by
somebody I know quite well kept getting my attention. I must have said to
myself a thousand times over the
period of a year or so, “I like that. I can
tweak it and it will work.” Eventually I
pulled my finger out and whilst in
Yateley one day grabbed a couple of


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