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Fortune Favours The Brave
(Top left) I know what I like – 100%
reliable quality.
(Top right) The options are limitless.
(Bottom left) The ‘Chill-Out’ weigh
sling. Safe and innovative.
(Bottom right) Drennan barbel hooks
– strong and sharp.
packs of bits off the shelf. The results
were instantaneous. The hook holds
were good to say the least, fish being
nailed in the bottom lip time and
again. I put my mate onto the components in question, and he has
tweaked it again to suit his own style
of fishing. The results? Instant success on a tough circuit water where
the fish get away with it constantly.
How much of this is the venues, good
bait well applied, luck or good judgement I just don’t know, but I do know
the bits from Thinking Anglers now
have a permanent place in my
armoury alongside my usual ESP
tricks of the trade. What is my point
exactly? Most big fish anglers would
advocate sticking by what you know
and never experiment, as it could cost
you dearly, both in terms of performance and confidence. I would agree
with this to an extent, but so simple a
change, using tested quality components, has done the old confidence no
harm at all. In fact I think it is safe to
say I have never had more confidence
in the effectiveness of my rigs – and
all from a bit of light reading in the
The second issue relating to rigs
involves a friend of mine, Tony Drye. I
have got to know Tony really well
recently, and a nicer guy you just
couldn’t wish to meet. Tony is passionate about his carp fishing, and
spends a lot of time on the bank. I
recently did a social with him at Yateley, and he showed me his particle rig
he has been perfecting for some time.
It is simple, and I wouldn’t tie it in
e x a c t l y t h e s a m e w a y, b u t t h e
essence of the rig he showed me does
seem to make sense. It is basically a
pop-up particle rig made from a variety of cut down bits of fake plastic. He
has a vast array of plastic he keeps in
a bits box, all of different buoyancies,
dependant upon what needs to be
achieved. As he explained he had
used this rig everywhere he had been
for some time with devastating effect.
Now plastic is not my thing to be
honest, but as I saw a couple of fish
netted on the rig my interest was
aroused. The week after, I joined him
on The Pads Lake for another quick
o v e r n i g h t e r, a n d h e a b s o l u t e l y
spanked it. The rig had worked won-
ders, and the effectiveness was obvious. I quizzed Tony further about the
buoyancy of the particles – surely
they were popped up just off the bottom to be as much like the free offerings as possible. Tony showed me
three rigs, one a bottom rig, one with
the particles popped up a couple of
inches, and one with it basically up off
the lead by 4-6ins. The most effective
by far after considerable experiment
was the one fished off the lead
popped well up off the bottom. I am
still unsure about the real reason for
Tony’s success on the rig, but it would
seem obvious the particle wafting
around up off the bottom is behaving
far more naturally than one pinned on,
or close to the bottom. Just think of
that underwater footage, and the disturbance a fish causes just by fanning
its pecs, and what effect it would
have on a standard rig compared to
Tony’s version. Tony agreed to let me
write about the rig as, like me, he is
unlikely anytime this side of 3000AD
to get the time to fish a venue such as
The Car Park Lake where the rig
could really be put to the test on a
tough low stock venue. The fact is if
you have the balls to give it a real go,
you may be amazingly surprised. It
looks a little odd, but it works, and if


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