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Fortune Favours The Brave
(Left) Tony’s box of tricks.
(Below) Spencer with ‘The Annie’ –
you can get your head round it,
maybe it is that vital edge for next
season, especially if you like to use a
bit of seed. Just remember the thank
you letter needs to go to Tony rather
than me. The other thing is that the
variations in components, buoyancy
and application are endless. Just the
sort of thing a Big Carp reader can
develop and work on to suit his own
As if to further stress the benefits of
plastic, Tony has just been down my
lake where I have recently bumped
several fish using what were, in hindsight I guess, fairly big baits. As he
wanted to use pellet rather than particle, he has used one single 6mm fake
pellet on a long hair using a fairly
large hook. The result? Three fish on
his first trip. You just wouldn’t believe
a pellet that looks so innocuous could
be so devastating. I suspect the fish
are just grazing over a tight bed of
bait, and the rig is just being
hoovered up. Whatever, that suits me
just fine. If you need any more convincing look at how effective Rob’s
mag-aligner rig is. A small fish
method? I don’t think so. Previous
copies of this mag are full of big fish
Rob has caught on the rig based
around a single rubber grub. I am not
saying plastic is the answer to every
problem we encounter, as it clearly
isn’t, but the potential far outweighs
the credibility we give it. I for one
intend to utilise it as part of my
armoury from now on. I have seen the
light at last. Thank you, Tony. So the
moral of the story is simple. If it
clearly isn’t working then think about
a subtle change. Just because something looks a little odd to me and you
doesn’t mean it won’t be devastating
in the lake. Some move on through
the open door, some that got their
first, stand around holding the door
for others – don’t be one of those left
standing holding the door, and then
spend the rest of the season slagging
off the new boy who has just turned
up and is caning it. Blind stupidity,
stubbornness and laziness are all
attributes we carp anglers apply to
our choice of rigs on a regular basis.
Only jealousy could be a more
heinous crime in my eyes.
I popped in a gratuitous product
plug shot of World Record breaking


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