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Fortune Favours The Brave
Top left) Unique branding near the
butt ring.
(Top right) Hard Tops – great
additions to the range.
(Below) Wow! Not bad from a canal!
Scar in one of the AI weigh slings last
time out. If that thing grows any more
I will need to develop a bigger sling, I
t h o u g h t t o m y s e l f … Wa t c h t h i s
space! Speaking of record breakers,
did you see Two Tone on YouTube?
She looks stunning as always; nearly
as pukka as the weigh sling she is
seen nestling in. I know many of you
have bought the AI weigh sling and
made it the big fish sling of choice bar
none, and for that I thank you – Big
Carp readers are renowned for their
good taste. Well I hate to say I told you
so, but the new floating sling is proving incredibly popular. I am delighted
to say we are going to run out rather
quickly, and have rapidly had to order
more to meet demand. The message
that this is not a sack seems to have
got through, and all the reports I have
suggest they are being used as
intended – for short-term retention
only. The new Hard Top accessory
b a g s a r e a l s o p r o v i n g a h i t . We
wanted a hard box to complement
the popular range of clear tops. They
are well made, highly functional and
very competitively priced. They also
look the dogs in our distinctive olive
livery. For those who want something
strong and robust they fit the bill a
By the time this hits the shelves the
new Ai-Q performance rods will be in
the shops. Steve and I were testing
rods from our very first trip to the Far
East in 2006. Not satisfied with what
we saw, we started a long process of
discussion, design, debate and testing, which has finally left us with a
blank that is just about as versatile as
we can make it. We would love to be
in a position where we could pay a
fortune for a super duper machine to
do our testing for us. You know what I
mean, a computer generated fighting
curve that looks great on the video –
funny how the computer doesn’t stop
the rods snapping on the bank
though, don’t you think?
The reality is somewhat different
for us. We took a huge array of samples and after beasting the daylights


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