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Fortune Favours The Brave
out of them over a period of time, we
are content we have it right. The
blank we have settled for is soft in the
tip with a powerful through action.
When we tested it against much
stiffer rods though, both samples and
established big name production
rods, we just found we could cast further with the new generally softer
blank. We got some real casting
brutes on the case as well, and gave
them the instruction to test them to
the limit. The performance really surprised us. I suspect the main reason is
that only the very best of casters can
actually get anything like the best out
of a true stiff distance rod. Casting is
like driving though; everybody thinks
they are an expert and nobody wants
to admit they are anything but brilliant at it. The fact is most people use
rods too stiff for their capability, and
all the marketing hype in the world
won’t change that. It is like a driver in
golf. Maybe Tiger Woods is able to
launch the ball 350yds using a super
stiff shafted driver, but the average
club golfer will need something more
forgiving to get even half that distance. Anyway I guess the answer is
to go and take a look at what we have
to offer. The build has a real understated custom look and it oozes class
– of course. The tip is soft enough to
ensure playing fish is all that it should
be and protect against hook pulls.
Tony recently took a sample rod out
to France with him, and immediately
ordered four upon his return so
impressed was he with the performance. I am positive others are going to
be equally keen to get on the AI-Q
I am also delighted to confirm that
we will have our own stand at the
Donnington Park Carp Spectacular at
the end of November. We will have
the rods and some of the new products for 2009 on display. We may even
have the new Airframe with us,
although such is the propensity for
others to copy we may just hold back
on it for a while. Interestingly enough
although every man and his dog have
copied the lightweight design, isn’t it
strange how nobody has actually
improved on the Airframe concept.
We have just tweaked it slightly, but
radical overhaul was not necessary, as
it was and will remain the best design
for the angler who wants true all season versatility.
Finally I would like to add how
delighted I am the winter is soon
upon us. I love winter carping. The
banks are empty compared to the
summer, and the fish are glorious in
their winter coats and invariably up in
weight. Choose the venue carefully,
and you can achieve quite brilliant
results that will leave you with a huge
sense of satisfaction and a beaming
smile. Nothing better to complement
a cold crisp morning than shaking
with the cold so you can’t feel your
fingers, and being covered in carp
slime. I knew that Arctic survival
training would come in handy for
something. There is no doubt watching that weather will help you
become more consistent than those
around you. A wet mild winter in
recent times seems to be indicative of
feeding carp, and if the trend continues this could be a good one. There is
no replacement for time spent on the
bank in winter though. The feeding
times will be short and sharp, and if
you aren’t there you won’t catch
them. The same can be said for those
crazy winter periods where everything in the lake wants a munch-up. I
wonder how many times a winter
they do that on lakes when there simply isn’t anybody there to take advantage of it. If you are keen enough to
buy Big Carp instead of some ‘how to
tie a knotless knot’ publication, you
should be keen enough to brave the
winter weather. See you on the bank
for a cup of tea and a packet of chocolate Hobnobs. n
James with a 37 from his Surrey Syndicate.


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