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Stinky Stuff TM add a new
Black Jack variety to their
successful range of bait enticers
Add a splash of colour to your next
adventure with Lifeventure’s new range
of Expedition Duffles. Combining the
travel expert’s proven design with a
range of eye-catching new colours, the
bags are not only incredibly durable but
also feature a spacious 100L capacity
that can easily accommodate all of your
travel, walking or camping essentials.
Made from a tough 1,200 denier fabric,
the Expedition Duffles can easily cope
with the relentless wear and tear that is
associated with outdoor life. Additional
reinforcement across the bag’s base in
an ultra-strong, 1,680 denier fabric further increases its practicality and durability when transporting heavy or bulky
Perfect for carrying all types of outdoor gear, the Expedition Duffle has a
large main compartment that is secured
with high-strength lockable zips.
Designed to offer maximum practicality
and versatility, the Expedition Duffle has
both top and side grab handles for ease
of handling together with a detachable
shoulder strap that can be stored inside
the bag during transit. When not in use,
the bag can be folded flat – ideal for
maximising space inside a tent or in the
The colourful Expedition Duffles are
also available in a convenient 120L
wheeled version with smooth rolling
wheels. The Expedition Wheeled Duffle
is equally versatile and can be easily
rolled around its wheel-base for compact storage.
To find out more about the new range
of Expedition Duffles visit n
David Bailey, Ian Stones and Mark
Potter, the founders of Stinky Stuff
TM, are set to launch a new variety of
their highly successful brand of
spray-on bait enticers, which are
used by top anglers across the UK,
Europe and the USA. The products
are distributed through their company, Fishing Baits Ltd based in
Bolton, Lancashire in the UK.
Stinky Stuff TM is the inspiration of
one of the founders, David Bailey,
himself a keen amateur angler and
provides a unique way of applying a
sticky attractant to bait. The product
comes in a convenient spray-on
aerosol can which when applied to
the bait, attracts the fish with smells
that replicate various foodstuffs creating “The Stinky Effect.” The three
founders of Stinky Stuff TM developed
the range with the help of a chemist,
and together they experimented with
different flavours and smells.
David said, “It was crucial to make
the formulation aquatically safe and
find something that triggered a fish to
find the food source. We tested rigorously using a small team of anglers to
find out which smells and flavours
attracted fish to their bait. The idea
behind the aerosol can came about
because nearly all the other liquid
attractants on the market tended to
come in pump action containers,
which when applied to the bait, easily
washed off and quickly dispersed
through the water. This is no good for
specimen carp anglers who sometimes leave their bait in the water for
48 hours or longer. They want that
attractant to be released from their
bait over this period of time. When we
considered how spray-on deodorants
massively outsell roll-ons, we started
to think about why this was. When
you spray an aerosol can, the particles
are released at such a velocity, the
payload (liquid in the can) impregnates what it is sprayed onto. When
we put our STRONG and most potent
attractant in the can, we achieved
results where anglers could still smell
our product on their bait, and even on
their terminal tackle, well over 48
hours after it had been in the water.
The results were so successful that
we launched a Sea Range. Traditionally the strong currents and salt in the
sea usually wash attractants off easily

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